Nathan Marcus

electronic music | hard- and software


Recently I graduated from the Music & Technology department at HKU (School of Arts Utrecht) where I followed the Composition & Music Production course.

At the moment I am active as a freelance soft- and hardware developer and sound designer in a theatre context. Besides this I develop interactive art installations and make websites (like this one). I am always looking for new and exciting challenges. Hit me up at!


My music focuses mainly on bringing out digital artifacts that occur during the i.e. repitching, stretching, corrupting & over-manipulating of audio. You can hear my music on my music page.

You can listen to music composed for a theatre context here

Soft / hardware

During my time at the HKU I have developed myself as a software engineer focusing on several languages and platforms including; Max MSP, Processing (Java), Python, SuperCollider , Javascript, Arduino C, Openframeworks (C++), Raspberry Pi, Teensy and more. My goal is to use these technological tools to develop creative / artistic projects. You can see previous and current projects I worked on on my projects page. If you want to see and try some of my code take a look here. This website has also been "hand written" by me.

I am always interested in new challenges!

contact me at: