Nathan Marcus

electronic music | hard- and software

Music for theatre

Since 2016 I have been involved in composing and performing music for theatre plays and performances. This started when I interned for a 4 month period at sound designer for theatre Jimi Zoet. With him I worked on "SONTAG" directed by Naomi Velissariou and "The Unpleasant Surprise" by Davy Pieters. During the making of these productions I assisted Jimi in creating and finding material to be used. During "SONTAG" I also created audio synchronized lighting design.

Below some segments of scores I composed for other plays:

"Propvol Vlinders"

"Propvol Vlinders" - Jordy Roeten - 2017

For the graduation show of Jordy Roeten I composed 60 minutes of music. You can listen to an excerpt here. Whilst making this score I aimed to use as much of my older material as possible while also exploring granular synthesis as a way to give my older work a new meaning inside this new context.

For more info see the project page.

"Dat Praat Wat Makkelijker"

"Dat Praat Wat Makkelijker" - Jordy Roeten - 2018

During the making of "Dat Praat Wat Makkelijker" I tried to maintain a constant beating rythm in the sound throughout the 50 minutes of the play. This to create a never resolving tension that I could built my soundscapes around.

"Bikker, Bikkes & Bikje"

"Bikker, Bikkes & Bikje" - Margreet Derks - 2016

In "Bikker, Bikkes & Bikje" I used as much of my recorded field-recordings as I could to create a unique and dynamic soundscape.